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Updated: Jul 18, 2023

StudioKT is a big idea.

It's one where artistic expression and the grassroots incubation of new and even avant-garde artistic trends positively drives Hong Kong's social, cultural, and economic progress as an epic global city and urban icon of modern China.

Kwun Tong (KT), a gritty but addictively charming centrepiece of everyday Hong Kong life and history, is our inspiration: from modest, densely populated neighbourhoods to the steadily diminishing yet resiliently ever-present loud, messy industry, to a distinctly traditional local way of life where steaming diners accent the bubbling pot of almost every enterprising activity one could imagine.

A finance and professional district is blossoming here, adding another vibrant streak of jarring diversity to the area, all set against the asphyxiating but delightfully narrow, crowded one-way streets - arteries carrying things and life blood beyond the gridlocked cars, taxis, and trucks!

Kwun Tong displays Hong Kong's eternal truth and unique possibilities. It is old, new, young, poor, rich, traditional, modern, intensely industrious and enterprising, humble, unpretentious, hard-working, and always moving fast. Hong Kong's exposed DNA: constant change, visual stimulation and captivating trends.

Most of all, Kwun Tong is where young people go. To work, eat, drink coffee, buy bubble tea, shop, find niche things, bring life to their start-up ventures and their adventures in old local eateries or trendy converted factories and warehouses, or for their children's art, ballet, and other classes ... right in the midst of abounding stimuli in every direction of every colour, shape, and smell, demanding reaction and above all fuelling thought.

StudioKT aims to catalyse Hong Kong as an organic cradle for creative expression and Asian and global trends and culture to rival Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, London, and New York. We are nestled in the heart of Kwun Tong, on Kwun Tong Road, right where we want to be – at the centre of this melting pot of humanity, industriousness and creativity drawing young Hong Kong people back again and again, to a place that profoundly represents Hong Kong's realities, past, present, future, and myriad opportunities.

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