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TS Crew is a contemporary dance and circus company rooted in Kwun Tong, where performers from all walks of life gather to bring Hong Kong's unique and diverse culture to audiences around the world.


Inspired by TS Crew’s unforgettable street performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the t-shirt was designed by an illustrator of old Hong Kong movie posters. Encapsulating the retro local charm, the design features TC Crew’s iconic bamboo lion head performance – a symbol of their commitment to blending traditions with contemporary art.


Support TS Crew and become a part of their journey. Shop now.

About TS Crew Video


TS Crew作為紮根觀塘的現代舞蹈及馬戲團,匯聚了來自各行各業的表演者,將香港獨特而多元的文化帶給世界各地的觀眾。


這款T恤的設計源自 TS Crew 在愛丁堡國際藝穗節期間難忘的街頭表演,由一位香港舊電影海報插畫家主刀,體現了本地的復古魅力,當中標誌著TC Crew表演的竹獅頭,象徵他們將傳統與當代藝術融合的努力。


立即選購,體現你對 TS Crew 的支持。

About TS Crew Video

Creator Collaboration T-Shirt: TS Crew

Color: White
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