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Creative Services

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StudioKT Creative Services: Multimedia Innovation

Arising from StudioKT Ventures, StudioKT Creative Services is a cooperative initiative that leverages the immense talent, creativity, and cultural passion of our Creators to deliver bespoke multimedia solutions. 

Here's how we bring unique visions to life:

Illustration & Design Services

Our Creators produce captivating visuals that tell compelling stories.

Marketing & Communication

We provide comprehensive support for both online and offline marketing needs.

Event Design & Entertainment

We create immersive and engaging experiences for all types of events.

Multimedia Content Production

We handle everything from video capture and editing to full-scale production efforts.

Speaker Engagements and Workshops

Our experts lead sessions that inspire and educate.

Commercial Product Collaborations

We connect creators with brands to design unique products.

StudioKT Creative Services

We also support:

- Event live-streaming

- Corporate video & photography

- Long & short video production

- Music videos

- 3D, AR & VR experiences

- Immersive multimedia experiences

Special Deals

By choosing StudioKT Creative Services, you are not just accessing unique, locally sourced content; you are directly supporting the growth of Hong Kong's creative economy and helping us solidify the city's status as a global cultural hub.

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