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StudioKT X
TS Crew

The Story

TS Crew is a Hong Kong performing arts group that has been touring internationally since 2018. Through stunning performances fusing traditional and modern dance motifs, they showcase Hong Kong culture to the rest of the world.
Having performed in Australia, mainland China, France, Hungary, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the UK and the US, they won the Asian Arts Award for Best Show at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival, in 2022.


In spite of their artistic success and hard work, the challenge for TS Crew is to fund the high cost associated with performing at this globally renowned performing arts festival without support and sponsorship.  That is why they were only able to take part in half the Edinburgh Fringe season in 2023 despite garnering excellent reviews and positive feedback from audiences.​

As a community creative enterprise, StudioKT supports social and economic progress in Hong Kong by providing a free platform to help the city’s artistic entrepreneurs get on their feet; That is why we are collaborating with TS Crew to enable their continued success at the upcoming Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2024.



The potential value of Hong Kong art and culture is immense but remains mostly unrealised.   The fact is artistic and cultural content has the potential to materially help our city’s social and economic progress plus accelerate our reputation as a cosmopolitan global city.

South Korea’s phenomenal ‘cultural wave’ (hallyu) provides a great example for us, with its creative and cultural services exports today making up almost 3% of the global market – that’s US$10 billion –  10 times Hong Kong’s equivalent.  

Just like South Korea, Hong Kong artists like TS Crew tell a story of an ancient and rich culture through the delightful lens of young eyes, imaginations and sheer talent.   TS Crew is just one of hundreds and perhaps even thousands of examples that exist in Hong Kong today.    It’s time for us to join to together to unleash this potential and to start our own Hong Kong Cultural Wave (#hongkongwave).

Gifted, hard-working Hong Kong creative entrepreneurs with international appeal, such as TS Crew, are the catalysts for this.

Prepping for Edinburgh Fringe

Dance of the Bamboo Lion x Beatboxing

Kwun Tong: The Birthplace of TS Crew

Highlights: No Dragon, No Lion



The objective of the TS Crew X StudioKT collab is to:

  • Raise a minimum of HK$1.5 million in base funding for the TS Crew 2024 Campaign through the support and sponsorship of StudioKT Friends ahead of applying for a grant under the Hong Kong Arts Development Council’s (HKADC) Matching Funding Scheme (MFS).

  • Enable TS Crew to be a showstopping Hong Kong flagship act brilliantly representing the City’s arts and culture at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and on the international touring circuit in 2024.

  • Draw attention to the opportunity presented by the Hong Kong arts scene and stimulate pride, curiosity, and artistic ambition among Hong Kong Creators of tomorrow

  • Excite, educate, and gain support from a broad cross-section of the rest of the Hong Kong community to fuel sustainable development of our young emerging artists


Sponsor TS Crew

Enable TS Crew to represent the City's arts and culture at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe  this year!

All sponsorships of $1000 or more will receive

a complimentary TS Crew t-shirt.

Exclusive TS Crew T-shirt

Immerse in the colourful world of TS Crew, which communicates emotions and showcase Hong Kong’s diversity through the arts of dance and circus. Their vibrant performances at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe have now inspired a unique t-shirt design that encapsulates the city’s spirit.

Conceived by a renowned local Creator of old Hong Kong movie posters, the t-shirt features TS Crew's signature bamboo lion head performance – a tribute to their fusion of tradition and contemporary art. 

By wearing the t-shirt, you support TS Crew's creative endeavours, contributing to the grassroots community enterprise we are building here at StudioKT. Get it here:

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