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Our Mission

StudioKT is a community creative enterprise providing a free platform for grassroots Hong Kong creators which aims to catalyse the development of the creative economy in our City. We are looking to build a new creative content export economy for Hong Kong akin to South Korea’s ‘Hallyu’. We see immense opportunity in platforming local Hong Kong creators embedded in our communities to find vocational, entrepreneurial, and collaboration pathways for them to generate economic value from their creative endeavours.

Our Inspiration

StudioKT is a big idea.

It's an idea that artistic expression and the grassroots incubation of new and even avant-garde artistic trends can and will be a positive driving force for Hong Kong's social, cultural, and economic progress as an epic global City and a true urban icon of modern China.

Our inspiration is born in but goes well beyond the district of Kwun Tong ('KT'), a gritty yet addictively charming centrepiece of everyday Hong Kong life and history. From the poorest and most densely populated neighbourhoods to the steadily diminishing yet resiliently ever-present loud, messy industry to a distinctly traditional Hong Kong way of life where steaming local restaurants accent the boiling pot of almost every enterprising activity one could imagine. And as if to complete the melting pot essence of Kwun Tong, a finance and professional district now blossoms and steadily adds another vibrant streak of jarring diversity to the area. All of this plays out on the asphyxiatingly but delightfully narrow, crammed one-way streets which are arteries carrying aspiration, ideas, and the life blood of the City well beyond the grid-locked cars, taxis and trucks!

Kwun Tong represents the eternal truth and unique possibilities of Hong Kong on full display. It is old, new, young, poor, rich, traditional, modern, intensely industrious and enterprising, humble, unpretentious, hard-working, and always moving fast. This is the exposed DNA of Hong Kong. A city of forever change and a city whose streets are already veins of visual excitement, stimulation, and captivating trend setting.

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